BornPrettyStore 4th Anniversary Share to Win Surly Gift!

Hello Lovelies,
Excited news for you!^^
Share one of these 4 banners below on more than 3 social websites such as Instagram/Blogspot/Facebook/Google+ and so on, then send your post links or screenshot to email

You will surely get 1pc BornPrettyStore Stamp Plate OR 5pcs Metal Ring OR 1pc Eyebrow Brush as an award

Please also tell us the exact item you want and your shipping address in your email.
Get more details in the following link:

 Time:17th October- 23th.October

 When you share this banner please also share the link

When you share this banner please also share the link

 When you share this banner please also share the link
 When you share this banner please also share the link

Hurry up! Join us! Share this news to your friends!^^

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  1. Done! Hope everything is correct! ;-)

  2. Happy 4th Anniversary! I think it's awesome that you are having such a great contest for your 4th anniversary. It's nice everybody can participate but the sad thing is it turns into a popularity competition!! The person that knows the most people or has the most followers on their social media is the person that is going to win the contest. It happens everytime a contest is determined on votes. The person with the most votes painted her nails & stuck 3 stickers & 3 rhinestones on one nail & has the most votes. She didn't put much creativity or time into her design but she knows the most people. I think it would be easier and more fair if you just did it randomly. Put everybody's name that participated in a bucket and pull out names for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and so on. That way everybody has the same chance regardless of how many followers, money, polish or accessories they own. Just a thought for further contests.
    Thx for your time.
    Much Love


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