Hot Sale Stamping Plates Back in Stock Now !

Hot Sale  stamping plates back in stock now ! 
That days , when those new stamping plates online , they are very very popular in our store . They are be sold for 500 pcs in one day . And be sold out quickly in 3 days  . 
Then , they are in stock again ! 2000 pcs in stock now !  

Those stamping plates are all in 20% OFF now ! 
Purchase them now !
Ends at 06.15

Use the coupon code GPL91 can get 10% discount for the product which is not in special price . 


  1. That's great, I was going to order one of them and now I can :)
    I have a question for you - when can we expect results of this giveaway? -
    I thought that all who done at least 3 share will get 2 free stamp temlates, but I didn't get any email about it.

    1. We have checked for all the shares , and we choose the people who share for at least 3 webs , and 3 shares are all right . The participants can have a check for the email box . we have sent the letters to the people who can get prize already . The prize will be sent out this days .

    2. I think that my shares are all right but I didn't recived any message from you last days. Could you please check it? This is my comment -


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