Summer Nail Art Contest

Hi girls ! Do you like the summer ? What do you like to do in this exciting season  ? 
What 's on your mind now  ? O(∩_∩)O~ 

Enjoy the sunshine , the beautiful rain days , ice cream , fruit juice ,smell the sweet of the flowers  ..........the beautiful beach in summer , don't forget your sexy  bikini  ! hahaha 

Come on !  The theme for this nail art contest is " Summer " ! Show your beautiful summer on your nails now !


Theme :  Summer !

Duration : April  14, 2014  ~  April  27, 2014

Rules and Details:

1. You must follow our Facebook  &  Pinterest  &  Blog or    Nailartgallery  or   Twitter  & Flickr
( choose 2 or more to follow ) .
2. Put this banner on your web .( About 2weeks ) .The banner need add this link :

3. Your nail art design can be new  ( made in 2014 year  ) and it must be your own.

4. Your design must be about the Summer .

5. Each person must submit no more than two entries. 
6. You must submit your design by leaving exact link of your design in the comment box of this post. You can upload your image on any free online website, including your blog, facebook, twitter and so on. Plus, please also leave you e-mail address, then if you are picked to be a winner,we can contact you ASAP.

The Judging:
We will still host a vote to choose 3 winners , the first  participant and 1 lucky participant  in all participants after collecting all designs at  April  28, 2014

Prize :
We provide three prizes in different value for the final three winner. You can find them below.
The First Prize:
 (Can choose 5 kinds you like . )

The Second Prize: 

 (Can choose 3 kinds you like . )
The Third Prize:
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  1. My entry:

  2. I follow you:
    - blog - puszka
    - facebook - Zapiski Grafomanki
    Banner -
    My design -

    1. My second entry:

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  4. Hi, I follow you on Facebook - Wendy Stanbury
    and your blog - jazzqueen64

    Here's my entry


    1. I follow you on Facebook as Josefa Guerra and your blog as Louca por Unhas

  6. Hi, Thank you for arranging this contest. Here is the link of my entry:

    my id is

    1. The Banner is on Blog...
      I am following you on Twitter : @Nailfaame
      I am a fan on Facebook using my page:
      I am following on Pinterest : Nailfame
      I am following blog: Nailfame

  7. Here's my second entry

    I follow your blog as jazzqueen64
    I follow you on Facebook as Wendy Stanbury
    I have placed your banner on my web

  8. This is a great contest. My first nail art entry is:

    I follow this blog and Born Pretty on twitter as @NikkisNailFiles. Also, your banner has been added to my blog.

    Thanks for this contest! :)

  9. I follow your blog, Facebook and pinterest
    Banner is added-

    My submission-


    Thank you for the wonderful contest.

  10. Banner added on my blog:
    I follow as Romina Campos (GFC, Facebook)


  11. Here is my second entry - Summer Dresses nail art !

    Following you on facebook,twitter,pinterest, instagram,gfc,youtube,google+, vkpage.
    Banner is on my blog -

  12. My Entry:
    Banner on my Instagram:
    Following you on Facebook as Charmy Patel
    Following you on your Instagram as a_rainbow_daisy

  13. My entries:

    I follow on Facebook as Ewa Wojciak
    and your blog as ewlyn

  14. Hi, I am also participating.
    Facebook: Tanja Jojic
    GFC: Tanya Minxy
    First entry:
    Second entry:

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  16. ENTRY:

    I follow this blog as Gin Shivers
    And I follow your FB as Gin Shivers
    I follow you on twitter as ShiversGin


  17. Hola! Me ha encantado haber podido hacer una manicura con este tema y poder enseñaroslo a vosotros
    Mi entrada con la manicura es esta:
    Os sigo a través de blogger con el blog: la vida según mis uñas
    y a través de twitter: @lvidasmu
    Mi email es:

  18. I follow you:
    -blog-Margaret Nail Art
    -facebook-GosiaDaniel Kulikowscy
    -my design-

  19. Hello,

    I follow your twitter as @melaniedoucette and this blog as Medollie Nails.

    My Summer design-



  20. Hi! Nice contest! :)
    I follow the blog as Glitterfinger Lexa
    and Pinterest as Glitterfinger
    My email adress:


  21. my entry:

    i follow twiter and facebook as DeeNails

    my email:

    This design is fully done using born pretty store acrylic paints.

  22. My second entry!

    Already mentioned I'm following more than two accounts!! :)


    My Summer Design:


    In this Summer design I used water decals from born pretty store! So pretty!! :)

  23. Here are my entries:

    And my email:

    I'm following Born Pretty Store's blog and facebook page. You can find the banner in my blog's (linked above) side bar.

  24. entry:
    Facebook: Edyta Fi....

  25. I follow you:

    Blog: Angel Nails
    Facebook: Angelika Wróbel
    My design:


    Blog: Anita Nails
    Facebook: Anitka Kulikowska
    Pinterest: Anitka Kulikowska
    My design:

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    1. Yes dear , you are all right , we will select first , we will select the best designs first , then vote amongst for them ,and choose out the top 3 designs . =) Thank you dear .good idea ! We will also choose the design which for our theme .

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Has a winner been chosen yet?

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