Beautiful Bowknot Hairpins Arrivals !

Every girl must have dream to be the beautiful  princess . Beacuse they have many nice dress and nice hair . Also , they usually have many different Bowknot Hairpins to wear every day . 

Today , Born Pretty Store bring many beautiful Bowknot Hairpins. Which one will be your first princess Bowknot Hairpins ?  You can find them in this web :

If you want to buy them , you can use the coupon code GPL91 to get 10% discount !


Our "  Born Pretty Holo Polish Contest "  is still on now . 

Did you attend ?

This giveaway starts on   June 7th, 2013   ~    July 16 ,2013 .


  1. Marine bow is so cute and in my style! I love the nautical themes :)

  2. Awww...they are so cute! They will be perfect for my daughters. I like them wearing bows like these ones.

    1. Wow .. i am glad that you like them , if you buy them , don't forget to use the coupon code GPL91 to get 10% discount !

  3. wow, they are so pretty and cute!


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