New nail art products arrival !

Hi beauties ! This days we have some new great nail art products in store now . Did you have saw them ? Hope there have one you like . And now i will be highly recommend this Peach eco-friendly  Water Based nail polish !

What is Water Based nail polish?
In Nature Wind water-based nail polish, all the chemical solvents are replaced by water. The major ingredient is water, not chemical solvents! So when Suncoat water-based nail polish is being applied, it is only water that evaporates to the air, not toxic chemical fumes.

Safer to Nails
- Environmentally friendly

- Does not dry or discolor nails
- Virtually odor-free
- Non-flammable 

Remove polish WITHOUT nail polish remover

- Gently scrap off the polish using a fingernail
- Remove polish by tape
- Rinse hands with water to remove residue.

Water-based nail polis can be left on nail 1-2 days and it is easy for removal. You may change the color any time in one day.

Those are our new  3 kinds  colorful  nail tips  , and click   here  you will find more  .

  100pcs Gold Silver Skull Leopard Pattern Full False Nail Art Tips

  100pcs Pure Color Electroplating Glossy Full False Acrylic UV Gel Nail Art Tips

  70pcs French Colourful Glitter False Half Acrylic UV Nail Art Tips

This product is  Nail Art Tiny Glitter Powder --12 colors ! Do you want to have a try ?  You can find this product here  !

Those are our new studs !

If you want to purchase those products, you can use the code GPL91 to get sitewide 10% off discount


  1. Those little water-based polish bottles are adorable!

  2. Nice nail tips...the same studs i have from kkcenterhk :) this new nail polish is interested :)

    1. Yes dear , actually you can only need pay for $2.52 if you use the coupon code .

  3. Aiai eu piro nisso tudo!

  4. oh so much cuteness!!! loving the polishes and the tips and the black studs!

    1. Thank you dear ! They are really great ! We will pulish more new products soon . =)

  5. how cute are these bottles!!?!?

    1. Yes , dear , it is really cute ! I like it too !

  6. those polishes are super cute, love it :D

  7. the water based polish sound so unique! :)


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