Valentine's day activities

Hi dears ! The Valentine's day will coming now , do you have get ready to make yourself look beautiful in that day ?  Hey , girls ! Make a big  pleasantly surprise to your boyfriend ! Let our bling love ring to bring some lucky love to you !  ~*0*~
Let have a look at this good news from Born Pretty Store !
Valentine's day activities from 2013.1.20  ~ 2013.1.24  !

All orders will have a free gift !!!

All orders will get the bling crystal ring for free . 
Orders over $15 will get 1pc fashion jewellery  

( we randomly choose for you . )
Note : One Person ! One Gift !

Hurry up dears ! You can use the coupon code GPL91 to get 10% discount too !!!

Now , our Cracking Nail Polish is on Fire-sale Price !!! It is just only $0.99  now ! You can find the great nail polish here !!! Have a try dear ! Every order will get a surprise free gift !!!



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