Winners for nail art contest!

Hello everyone.

Finally the three winners have generated from the 4-days vote. Nearly 400 persons took part in this vote, thanks for you all.

Let's check it out who are the talent winners.

The first prize:

No. 12 Breena    56 Vote-getting

The second prize:

No. 18 Juliana Goulart Esmalte por Esmalte  24 Vote-getting

The third prize:  

No. 31  puja malhotra   23 Vote-getting


Congratulations for the three lucky winners.We will contact you ASAP.

Tomorrow we will announce the two voters who get those two gifts. : ) Just pay attention to our new coming post.


  1. Yay .....I won.....thanks bornpretty.....:) and congratulations to the other winners ......:)

  2. OMG :D I won!! Yay! I'm so happy. Thank you BPS!! :) Thank you too to all my friends and my family, and also to my boyfriend. :) He was very persistent in campaigning. :D Yaaaay! Thank you!!! :D

  3. Congratulations to the winners! I would love to have any of the designs - they are awesome.

  4. ihuuuul \o/ fiquei muito feliz. Obrigada *-*


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