New fabulos nail art designs for share!

Hey girls! Time for share coming up!

Recently our blog partners and some talent customers worked out a lot of amazing nail art designs using BPS items. I can't wait to share them with you and hope you guys will love them as well. : ) I leave links of all items they used, you can find them below.

Please don't forget use the code JAYCEJ61 to get 10% off your order if you want to buy these items. : )

Striping Tape Mani
  Made by Jacki from Adventuresinacetone

HOT Square Studs Mani
  Made by Rebecca from Rebeccalikesnails
                         Item: 4mm Gold Square Stud 

Cute “Caviar” Mani
   Made by Chelsea from The Nail Network

Elegant White Half-pearl Mani
Made BY Lucy from Lucy's Stash
Item: 3 Sizes Baby Pearl Rhinestone Decoration + Wheel
Candy Color & Lace Stickers
Made by Refined and Polished
Item: Elegant Lace Style Sticker
Lovely Leopard Mani
Made by Marta from ChitChatNails



  1. I love the lace and leopard manis!!

  2. I'm loving the first design, going to try and do it myself :) xx

  3. They're all so awesome! It's hard to pick a favourite.

  4. I love the striping tape mani. :D

  5. I love the stripes! I need to try that out at some point soon! :)

  6. first one is super cute. I really wanna own a velvet polish soon.

    (stupid captcha.... gah.)

  7. Please link my leopard print manicure back to my blog if you would like to use the image.

    1. I have linked back to your blog now; ) Sorry!

    2. Thank you :D I appreciate that :D
      I'm a new follower of yours! :D


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