How to get and use BPS points?

BPS points. 

Have you got BPS points from before?

Do you know how to use BPS points? You can use the points to buy anything from!

First, let's see how to get BPS points in the past. Perhaps you already know about these. : )
1. You can write a comment, upload product pictures or video. When your review is approved, the BPS points will be added to your Points account directly! : ) 
2. When an order is made, the total amount* 2% of the order will be used to calculate the amount of points earned. 
For more information about the rewarding system, please click here.

Now, we have more ways for you to get BPS points! 
That's our extended affiliate.
By sharing your review and shopping experience on forums, blog sites, review websites, news sites, deals sites and sending your URL to us, you can get 50 to 1000 BPS points per post!
You can get much more points in this way! Click here to get details about this exciting system. : )

Then it comes to how to use the BPS points.
Of course it's used to purchase at our store.  : ) 
When you log in your BPS account, you will find out BPS points and its value. : ) When you checkout your order, you can see the coupon / BPS points selection on the payment page, and there will be a box to apply all available points, if you want to use points to pay the items, you can tick in the box and continue.
For the detailed process, you can click here.

So, if you like our Nail Art Store, just share with others and get the BPS points! ^.^


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