Free Eyelash will be available on Apr 7 at
coupon code: FBEYELASH

The first giveaways for the eyelash ended. If you still haven't got the eyelash.
Please like us on facebook, the eyelash will be available again when we're back from holiday.
Now we're collecting likes for this post:
We'll offer 100 pairs of eyelash, but if there're more than 100 likes for the post, every 1 like will add 1 more eyelash available.
eg: 50 likes, 100 pairs eyelash available
101 likes, 101 pairs eyelash available.
The maximum quantity is 1000 pairs of eyelash.
That means, if there're 1000 likes, then there will be 1000 pairs eyelash available.
Share the news with your friends, then there'll be more eyelash available.
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